A better way to learn about Paper Circuit & Basic of electronics

Interested in Paper Circuit and want to learn more about it? Well, this course is designed only for you to get complete hands on about Paper Circuit and also some basic concepts and terminologies used in electronics. 

Our only premium course

Our only premium quality course mainly designed for you. 

We believe that education is the key step to achieve any goal and success and at Banaao – A Makers’ playground, we have got something for you. 

Tinkering with Paper Circuits

Just start with very first video and go one by one. These easy and helpful video course will be enough for building you base on electronics and make your Paper Circuit concept strong with our premium kits. Quiz are also provided in each lesson to check your concepts. 

Who can have this course?

– If you’re an electronics lover
-If you’re an artist
-If you love exploring technologies
-If you want to embed electronics with your arts and craft projects. 


Hands on with our Premium DIY Paper Circuit Kit

Every lesson video will contain hands on practicals for which you’ll need basic electronic stuff and other. Hurray! We make this easier for you. You can learn and make use of every hands on practical with our DIY Paper Circuit Kit which contains all the necessary stuffs for your need. 

Tinkering with Paper Circuit- course

A fully featured course mainly designed for everyone who has core interest in Paper Circuits technology. Best for those who want to integrate electronics with Arts and crafts. 

Paper Circuit Documentation

A in-depth documentation mainly design on every aspect of paper circuit for those who want to learn in-depth about paper circuit and electronics. These documentation is free to avail with course. 

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